Monday, January 30, 2012


Wow i am ashamed....i made my self a liar!!! i said i would tell you how my day at school went but never did! ugh...thanks for anyone who still even reads my blog!!! i don't blame you if you don't .

But if you would still like to know how my first day at school was was good! just you know..always the same...going over the same things in every class!
Well my life is swell, i have friends at this school now but i really miss Costa Rica! and AZ i am not going to lie...i was pretty DANG popular in Costa Rica! haha just because i was the only american!! was nice while it lasted now at this school i feel sort of small...haha and some people freak out like there has been a tragic accident mixed with interesting big news trying to wrap their brains around me being a 7th grader !! ....but maybe its not that i am small,maybe its that some people are just super tall!. For example the first time i went to the school to get registered a boy about the size of a high schooler! (seriously i didnt think it was possible for someone that tall to be in middle school!) any way he walked in and i thought he was in high school but our school is only 6th and 7th he told the lady "i am in 6th grade..'' and me and my mom looked at eachother gasping! and there i was so small and puny... a 7th grader! hmph. Well now that kid is popular and is called "big red" (he has red hair..) well anyway.. that is my life story for today! so see ya! oh and dont give up on me yet i "plan" on posting more!! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

back to school!

Ok tomarrow is THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! and i am soooooooo NERVOUSE! it is such a big school and only for 6 and 7 graders! but its just so different not having a home room teacher ya know? its my first time like just swithing classes and ..idk its just so stressful for me...i know i will get used to it so i really dont know why i am still SO nervouse! :( i will post after i am done with tomarrow..i hope i will make friends fast too. hmm i am super EXITED! but ya know i am also very nervouse. The name of my school is ''Tonaquint" it is an intermidiate school......well i love st.George! and i will kee you posted! ;) wish me luck!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

and we stick the landing!!

so..yes we have been in the states for a while now!! but i have not done a blog post...oops. But a lot of stuff has happened and its been so fun! and my brother got engaged! yaay! and i have been hanging out with family..extended family..and of course my family family..haha but we move to so soon! and i have girls camp with my cousin haley on tuesday!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

last day of school...

i am going to miss driving down this road!

Well the day has already come...i had to say adios to my sweet awesome Costa Rican public school... :( i have become SUPER close with my class mates and it was SO hard to leave.I feel like when we move back there will always be that empty hole in my heart from missing them too much...i could NOT have asked for a better childhood experience! it made me realize how much i am going to miss them as they come up and squeeze me and say ''no te vayas'' (dont go) and my teacher gave a sweet speech about having me in their class this year..i am so grateful for all that i am getting to experience! :) ''DON'T CRY BECAUSE ITS OVER...SMILE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED''

Monday, May 23, 2011


Annie,grace.daddy warbucks,and sandy

most of you may know... that i LOVE to sing and dance! and act! haha so i thought i would write a post about it! :) i also really love broadway and i love to be in plays! ...ok...well i have only done one.. ''ANNIE'' i played orphan HAZEL it was SOOOOOO much fun! i did it with my friend Lilla! :) i also will just belt out songs around the is just who i am! :) lol....but is! anyway i hope to do more plays when we move back! (to utah) :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A box FULL of LOVE :)

ok...well i am about to say somthing i thought i would never say while in Costa Rica.......the other day i was swimming in the pool when my mom called out: LORA! you got a package from your friend Chelsea! so i ran out og that pool faster than you can say hola! haha i have never gotten a package just for ME! :) the box was.....SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS!!!!!!! AND REESES! AND TWIX! AND HOT CHEETOS! AND SOUR GUMMY WORMS!! i was so happy and i still am. I am trying to keep it to a limite...i could have finished the bag today! if i wanted but i only got it 2 days i wanted to make it last! and it was the HUGE family size! haha. and the hot cheetos are just....GLORIOUSE! and ohhhh EVERYTHING i could not stop smiling! :) THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much chelsea!

If you are all wondering why i am freaking out over this stuff is because they do not have them here and they are like my FAVORITE things!!!!!!! well anyway...thanks again Chels! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

sweet 16!

Ok...i am doing this post for my friend Niky! it was her b-day on Wed. and she turned 16! SHE IS A VERY GOOD FRIEND and me and my family are going to her party tonight! Me and Emma slept over at her house on Wed. We had SO much fun! she is like a big sister to me. We have so much fun...haha even tho there is a 4 year age difference... :) but ..on TUES. we went out to dinner with her family and it was really fun. Then me and Emma went to her house for the sleep over.The next day we went to the of my favorites '' Playa Minus'' it is a BEAUTIFUL beach by the way! any way it was raining a little bit there toward the end...but it was even more fun with the rain! :) anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKY!